Shirt Laundry

Men's or women's, colored or white, with or without starch
We do a nice job on shirts. Buttons replaced at no charge.


Polo style knit pullovers

Tiger Woods doesn't golf in a wrinkled shirt. Why should you?
If you're comparison shopping remember to check this item.



The Basics

Pants, shorts, sweaters, shirts, blouses, sport coats, blazers, and skirts


Things That Cost Less

Ties and scarves

Vests and sleeveless tops


Things That Cost More

Dresses, jumpsuits, robes, raincoats, and two piece suits

These are standard prices for dry cleaning or wet cleaning with hand pressing. Definition of a standard garment: Made of wool, cotton, or polyester that does not have pleats, ruffles, sequins, bead, or anything else that will require special cleaning. Silk, linen, rayon, velvet and cashmere are priced higher.


Things That Cost a Lot More

Wedding or evening gowns, leatherwear, and household items


Things That Are Free

Pick up and delivery, minor alterations, tissue packaging and your order if it's not done on time.


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